Meet Our Staff at Stingray Chevrolet Bartow!

Visit or Contact Us at (863) 578-4696

  • Dealership Contacts (863) 578-4696
    • Matt Hurley Photo
      Matt Hurley
      Dealer Principal
    • James Schmid Photo
      James Schmid
      General Sales Manager
    • Rob Carpenter Photo
      Rob Carpenter
      New/Used Sales Director
    • Danna Pollard Photo
      Danna Pollard
    • Danielle Williams Photo
      Danielle Williams
      Internet Sales Manager
    • Taff Long Photo
      Taff Long
      Finance Director
  • Sales (863) 578-4696
    • Craig Miller Photo
      Craig Miller
      Sales Manager
    • Don Griffith Photo
      Don Griffith
      Sales Manager
    • David Cromartie Photo
      David Cromartie
      Sales Manager
    • Rita Rank Photo
      Rita Rank
      Sales Manager
    • Charles Alderman Photo
      Charles Alderman
      Sales Manager
    • Charlie Beresford Photo
      Charlie Beresford
      Sales Manager
    • David Schultz Photo
      David Schultz
      Sales Manager
    • Zoltan Ambrus Photo
      Zoltan Ambrus
      Sales Manager
    • Cristina Hernandez Photo
      Cristina Hernandez
      Internet Sales Coordinator
  • Service (863) 578-4883
    • Rob Hunt Photo
      Rob Hunt
      Parts and Service Director
    • Mike Betterly Photo
      Mike Betterly
      Service Advisor
    • Pam McNellis Photo
      Pam McNellis
    • Derek Beck Photo
      Derek Beck
      Service Advisor
    • Marilyn Geigel Photo
      Marilyn Geigel
      Customer Relations Coordinator
  • Parts (863) 578-4883
    • Evan Johnson Photo
      Evan Johnson
      Lead Parts Associate
    • Ben Evans Photo
      Ben Evans
      Parts Associate
    • Brandon Hall Photo
      Brandon Hall
      Parts Associate
  • Fleet (866) 685-7991
    • Mark Pike Photo
      Mark Pike
      Fleet Director
    • Valerie Donatiello Photo
      Valerie Donatiello
      Fleet Assistant

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